Our visualization service presents a fast and
cost effective solution for architects, product and industrial designers.

Concept and design visualization

3D renderings are one of the most important elements of any architectural pitch, bid or competition. Varying needs, level of detail and deadlines, Superspace offers a tailor made solution that is both cost effective and superb in its quality.


Photography can only take you so far, put your project in motion. With our animation services we bring your project alive, creating an emotional experience that captivates your audience.

Product visualization

Our CGI service is a fast and cost effective solution for designers and marketers to visualize new design concepts, bring ideas to life or showcase new products. The Superspace team produce high quality, sharp and photorealistic visuals.

Product animation

Allowing the viewer to see all sides of a product whether utilizing a 360 degree turntable or a preset animation loop, animations is a great way to display a product.

Virtual Reality

With the power of Virtual Reality our team can create experiences unparalleled by standard CGI solutions. Virtual Reality will bring your architectural and interior visualizations to a whole new level.

Product configurators

With CGI we can efficiently create custom web or mobile app experiences to allow real time product configuration. Let your customers personalize your product – the way they want it.